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2017 Global Finals Bound Team Information

Please take time to read through the following important information for all 2017 Global Finals Bound teams

Housing Assignment Process

Global Finals will use a mix of residence halls and hotels to house teams. Teams may request to be housed with their Affiliate or in a hotel, just as in years past. The primary difference this year is that some of the larger Affiliates may be split between multiple housing locations in order to allow accommodation for all Affiliates attending Global Finals. Every attempt will be made to keep Affiliates that have been split in nearby properties. Also, due to the size of the Global Finals event, Affiliate Housing is no longer limited to the downtown and campus areas. The Affiliate Housing Locator will be available approximately five days before arrival. Teams requesting hotel housing will be assigned to a hotel but will find out their specific hotel assignment upon arrival in Knoxville at Team Registration. Team Managers will assign individuals to specific rooms in coordination with housing staff at Team Registration once they arrive.

Info For Team Mangers

Team Managers should be prepared to meet the following housing expectations:

  • Teams staying in hotel housing should be prepared to achieve an average occupancy of 3 per room. For example, if there are 4-5 students and 2 Team Managers, that team would receive 2 rooms. If there are 6 team members and 2-3 Team Managers, that team would receive 3 rooms. It is completely up to the Team Manager to determine who to put in each room. All hotels have a mix of room types including rooms with two double or queen beds and rooms with single king beds. Specific room types are not guaranteed. Air mattresses, along with a sleeping bag and pillow, are available in cases where Team Managers are placing an extra person in a room. These air mattresses are high quality and are given out at registration for no additional cost.
  • Teams staying in residence hall housing should be prepared for a variety of options. Some residence halls have twin beds and others have full-size beds. Other residence halls offer community restrooms which are gender separated in most cases by floor. It is the expectation that every bed be filled with no empty beds left open. High-quality air mattresses, along with a sleeping bag and pillow, are available for Team Managers in cases where there is one extra person who would rather stay with teammates using an air mattress than be assigned a room next door where they will likely share the room with same gender members of another team.
  • If you know in advance that your team cannot meet the occupancy requirements in either a hotel or residence hall, there are some steps you can follow. First, if you are bringing a school administrator who must have a private room, you may find it easier to get a single room for that person in a hotel using the Family and Friends Housing options. This would guarantee the administrator a private sleeping room while allowing your team to meet the occupancy requirements of team housing. If Family and Friends housing is not an option for your team, please contact 856-881-1603 x 116 to explain your needs and explore other options.