Ohio Destination Imagination

Welcome to Another Exciting OHDI Year!

2017 Ohio Affiliate Destination Imagination on April 8, at Mount Vernon Middle and High Schools

Important tournament announcement: due to the size of our award ceremony and the uncertainty of the weather, we must hold two award ceremonies this year. Visit the website (http://www.ohdi.org/tournamentdirectornews.html) for updates and details.

Ariel-Foundation Park is a great place to go if the weather cooperates.  It is on Map 1.  It is an old gravel pit and Pittsburg Plate Glass factory site that has been re-purposed.  The old smoke stack has stairs that you can climb up.  There are many trails and fun things.  There are picnic shelters, lakes, and an island.   There are rescued bridges and sculptures from iron from the old factory buildings.

TO:             DI State-Bound Team Managers

FROM:        Leslie S. Gabbert and Frank Begun, Ohio DI Tournament Directors

DATE:         Feb. and March 2017

RE:             Ohio State DI Tournament, Saturday, April 8, 2017


Congratulations! Your championship team will represent your region at the Ohio State Tournament, where over 1000 team members and their Managers will gather for one of the most exciting creative problem solving competitions of the year. The tournament will be held in Mount Vernon, Ohio, located nearly in the geographic center of the state. This is the fifth year we have held our tournament in Mount Vernon, and we know you will be as respectful as you possibly can be--not only of the community and the school district, but of all the other competitors as well. Your State Governing Board has been working all year to make this experience an exciting one. Thank you in advance for being a good guest and the kind of competitor we know you will be.

REGISTRATION: You are not registered officially until you have done all four things below:

1. Go to www.ohdi.org and register your team online.

2. Go to www.ohdi.org and register your appraiser online.

3. Go to www.ohdi.org and register your volunteer online (See note below!).

4. Send $40.00 (check or money order) per team (find invoice on www.ohdi.org at the bottom of the team registration page) made out to:  OKC [Ohio Kids for Creativity]

                                                            c/o Don Hartman

                                                            50 Beverly Place

                                                      Dayton, OH 45419-3401


Deadlines: To avoid penalties (or--worse yet, omission from the schedule), The First three items outlined above must be completed by you or your regional director by the deadlines that follow.  


Note: Registration time requests (see tournament guidelines) will be granted for the following:

Legitimate School Activity, Team Member on more than one Team, Team Managers with two or more Teams. (Travel time concerns or watching other teams so not constitute legitimate scheduling requests)


If your tournament is on:

February 25th        Your Team must be registered by     March 1st, and         

both your Appraiser and Volunteer registered by            March 4th.

March 4th               Your Team must be registered by     March 7th, and       

both your Appraiser and Volunteer registered by            March 11th.

March 11th            Your Team must be registered by     March 14th, and

both your Appraiser and Volunteer registered by           March 18th.

March 18th            Your Team must be registered by     March 21st, and      

both your Appraiser and Volunteer registered by           March 25th.


All fees are due to Don Hartman by March 25, 2017 if you want to be included in the Tournament schedule!

Important Note: Some Regions pay fees for teams and some Regional Directors register teams and appraisers. In other regions, team managers are responsible for all three tasks. Contact the person who organized your local tournament to find out your responsibilities before you leave your tournament tonight.


Volunteer Information: The volunteer is not the Appraiser. A volunteer can be an older, responsible sibling, parent, or supporter. He/she will work a two hour shift and will be able to watch your team perform. Register your volunteer online this year at www.ohdi.org.


Appraiser Information: Most Regions have a TRAINED, required appraiser attached to each team to avoid deduction. There is a 25 point deduction for every state bound team not providing a TRAINED appraiser on the day of the tournament. The appraiser is not the Volunteer. Your appraiser cannot evaluate your child's team if related or "connected" (video recording is permitted); therefore, it is unlikely that he/she will be able to view your performance. Contact your school's coordinator immediately to determine the name of the appraiser being linked to your team at the state competition. The appraiser must have been trained and worked at a tournament in 2016 in order for your team to avoid the deduction. Please have the appraiser's certification number available when registering your appraiser.

Remember, your team is not registered until you have complete all 6 of the following:

(1) the Team registration online within 3 days of your Regional tournament
(2) the Appraiser registration online within 7 days of your tournament

(3) the Volunteer registration online within 7 days of your Regional tournament, and

(4) the receipt of your team's Regional Tournament Invoice by Don Hartman by March 25th.

If you haven't already, download the Affiliate's Tournament Invoice, you find it at: http://www.ohdi.org/registerstateteams.html