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Welcome to Another Exciting OHDI Year!

2017 Chrissy H Clouse Memorial Scholarship Winner
Emma Campbell

     DI has taught me many real-world skills.  First, DI has taught me time-management skills.  Between planning skits, participating in Improv and fighting to find time for team practices, Di has taught me to plan ahead and use my time wisely.  The most important skill that I learned from DI is how to communicate my ideas in an efficient and understandable way.  Specifically in Improv and Instant Challenges, communication and listening is vital!  Everyone's ideas need to be well-communicated for a solution to be found.
     I have been fortunately given the opportunity to compete at Global Finals twice.  In my team's Instant Challenge the second year, we did not accomplish the goal.  We were grasping at straws to get some marbles into a funnel and things were literally falling apart.  I saw looks of frustration and tears welling up in the eyes of my teammates, so I tried to make light of the situation by cracking a joke.  In that moment, I knew we were failing, and I was frustrated, but I knew my teammates were more important.  We got all out teamwork points for that IC.
     I participate in many activities, other than DI.  these include: varsity golf (4 years), varsity softball (1 year), I started our school's Science Club and was President (1 year), county science fair (1 year).  In mathematics, I was placed in my first Algebra class in eighth-grade and then participated in multiple advanced level and college credit courses.
     Musically, I have been involved with band and choir from elementary, through junior high, and into high school.  I was selected to represent our high school in our district honor band and choir.  I have also participated in our school's marching and pep bands for 6 years.  I served as clarinet section leader for five years, and drum major for 1 year. 
     In the fall, I will be attending Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.  There I will be double-majoring in mathematics and integrated mathematics, so that I can pursue a career as an upper-level high school math teacher.

Show and tech EL - Seven Smarties, Woodmore Elementary, TM: Krista, 135-02269

This team's original dance was amazing!  In fact, the performance told a coherent story through dancing and without any dialog.  The team's choreography rivaled what you would see at a college and beyond level.

Show and Tech SL - Bay Village, TMs: Kim and Michele, 135-51404

This team was very creative by giving us a history lesson during the technical challenge.  Their scenery and engineering all come together to show uis another side of Eleanor Roosevelt.  They put their own thematic lyrics to modern music and created a Rube Goldberg machine that produced a visually stunning effect with a great Jacob's Ladder.

Top Secret SL - Miamisburg High School, TMs: Robin and Greg, 135-99483

The Chemistry of Life was an unexpected theme for a challenge called "Top Secret" and was a pleasure to witness.  Based on this theme, the team executed the story-telling by establishing a regular rhythm that included: rhyming, sound effects, original music, verbal story-telling, and ongoing evolution.
Show and Tech EL - Groovy Gang, Howland North Road School, TMs: Tina and Lynn 135-44056

This team provided a Blast from the Past 50s Chevy to TV studio transformer.  The team had studied the ERA well, given backgrounds of the celebrities and "re-introduced" us to the 1950s actors and artists.

Show and Tech ML - Woodridge MS TMs: Matt and Ben 135-53228

This team engineered a sound board designed to create sounds throughout the performance by using metal strips and touch.  The technical design of their exploding volcano wowed the audience.  The technical components were disguised well into the set.
Top Secret EL - Where Did The Unicorn Go?, Springboro 5 Points, TM: Sara 135-70724

The team researched two different mechanical engineering concepts to build two outstanding automatons.  They built a flawless off-center cam on a rotating rod, which pushed a cam-follower causing the parrot's wings to flap.  They next used PVC tubes to run strings through the holes in pool noodles to release the Kraken on the pirates.  Both mechanical devices were hidden from audience view, making the parrot and Kraken more impressive.  Amazing design and Execution!

Top Secret ML - Springboro Junior High School, TM: Sara, 135-92179

The team creatively took recycled materials and combined them with circuitry, that they had learned to solder, to create a working parabolic microphone.  The appraisal team was impressed with the workmanship and skill it took to bring this creation to life.

Top Secret ML - Oakwood Junior HIgh TMs: Tricia and Teresa 135-29467

The team created several pieces of artwork for their art heist skit.  The appraisal team was impressed with their artistic ability and felt it was at a professional level.  The appraisers were really wowed by the Theresa Lisa, which was a living history of their journey through the year.

Vanished SL - Flaming Flamingoes, Youngstown Early College, TM: Gilanyi 135-88317

This team';s acting was very powerful and emotion provoking.  It was a very high quality, Academy Award level performance.  their vanishing act bamboozled the appraisers with its simple elegance.

In It Together SL - War of Two, Columbiana High School, TM: Debra 134-61698

These incredible young adults wowed the appraisers with their creative use of recycled material.  They even invented a machine to twist tiny strips of plastic from a two liter bottle to make incredible braids for their costumes.  They spent hours tediously connecting pop tabs and then hand sewing them onto their costumes.
In It Together SL - Super Smash Brothers, Howland High School 135-58855

We applaud the team for the  high level of spirit, teamwork, volunteerism delivered during the tear down of their Challenge presentation area.  The team and the manager put away all the weights--this was over a half-ton--from the first floor to the second floor weight room. 

Ready, Willing, and Fable EL - Insert Name Here, Bay Village Middle School, TM: Kim, 135-72965

This team created puppets of African animals, including: a snake, meerkat, monkey, and two tortoises, using unexpected materials such as paint ships, bubble wrap, rubber bands, and brown paper bags.  Instead of making small hand puppets, this team went above and beyond, making them larger than life.  Furthermore, each character was carefully chosen to perfectly represent individuals in this team's service project.

Instant Challenge EL - Incarnation, TMs: Jacqueline and Evelyn 135-87029

This team showed exceptional teamwork in Instant Challenge with a Challenge that many teams found extremely difficult to work together.

Instant Challenge SL - Tri-Village, TM: Kathy, 135-38132

This team exhibited cohesive teamwork and problem-solving abilities that were remarkable.  Their team communication approach was seamless and beyond calm, uunder pressure.
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2017 Ohio Affiliate
Destination Imagination on
April 8, at Mount Vernon
Middle and High Schools